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Welcome to Channel Express Virtual
Our virtual airline is based on the operations of the real world airline of the same name, before its renaming to in 2006, we also offer our pilots the opportunity to fly for other airlines of the Dart Aviation Group if that is their wish.
We prefer a not to serious approach to our hobby, and so we have minimal rules and there is no hidden terms and conditions, you simply enjoy your hobby and make new friends if that is want to do ? your choice.
We use the Kacars flight tracking & pirep reporting system for logging our flight times which can be viewed on the home page flight map, for those who wish to use it, which is free and available for download in the downloads page or can also be sent direct via email if required. we also use a manual pirep reporting system is also available for those who would rather use that, all flights can all be booked via the schedules page which is easy and straight forward to use, just find the airline you wish to fly for and book your flight.
We offer realistic passenger and cargo flight's, which include both domestic / International and one or two transatlantic services for those who like long Haul flights.
We make no claim to be the best virtual airline, nor would we wish to be, we are what we are take it or leave it, however if you would like to learn more about the many aspects of Channel Express Virtual, Please feel free to browse the website using the links above and If you think this Airline is for you, Then Why not Join us today ?

Brian Mason
Managing Director
Channel Express Virtual

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Current Operations

Live Flight Board

Icon Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Status
EXS302 EGAA LEIB B737-300 QC Climbing

Flight Bids

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
EXS303 LEIB EGAA Roger Pilgrem B737-300 QC G-CELY 2.45 Hours
EXS302 EGAA LEIB Roger Pilgrem B737-300 QC G-CELY 2.45 Hours
LS454 EDDM LEMD Leonardo Sona B737-300F G-CELN 2 Hours
CE213 EGPH EGBB Rich Johnson B737-8BG G-CEME 0.45 Hours
CE140 EGHH EICK Paul Coburn A319-114 G-CEPC 1 Hours
GSM7016 EGPH LFMN Jim Hamilton B737-300 G-GSPN 2.3 Hours
SKN011L EGSS EGPH Steve Birchall B737-300 QC G-CELP 1.3 Hours

Lastest Arrivals

Flight Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate Status
EXS415LEAMEGNT03.14CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-376 ft/m Pending
EXS414EGNTLEAM03.13CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-148 ft/m Pending
MTR17WGEGHHEGHC01.42CE0001 Brian Mason-145 ft/m Accepted
CA4003LMMLEICK03.51CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-154 ft/m Accepted
CA4002EICKLMML03.52CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-49 ft/m Accepted
CA5108LGKREICK03.53CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-155 ft/m Accepted
CA5107EICKLGKR04.04CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-258 ft/m Accepted
CA4001LEIBEICK02.30CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-168 ft/m Accepted
CA4000EICKLEIB02.25CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-255 ft/m Accepted
SKN018BEGSSEGHH00.48CE0210 Rich Johnson-352 ft/m Accepted
Recruitment Redifined

Posted by Brian Mason on 08/04/18

Due to the number of time waster's we seem to be getting lately, I've decided to change the recruitment process, anyone who sends a request to join will be asked a series of question,s, Mainly why they wish to join, depending on the answer's given the recruitment process will then continue as normal, If no answer is supplied the aplication will be rejected, with immediate effect.

At Channel Express Virtual we prefer Quality over Quantity everytime.. Basically we expect our pilots to fly whenever possible, If this is not always possible then a simple email explaining this is accepted.

I have also been considering setting an age limit to our membership ? But this won't apply at this time.


CEO Channel Express Virtual

Valid Emails

Posted by Brian Mason on 05/14/18

This applies to new pilots looking to join us. Can you please insure that your email address is correct and valid.. As being able to contact you as regards to information and aircraft livery packages etc, you also need a valid email for our flight tracking system to work.

Failure to provide a valid emal will result in the application being rejected.

Thank You.



7th Anniversary

Posted by Brian Mason on 04/23/18

Well today is this Virtual Airlines 7th anniversary, Quite a surprise really as most VA's tend to dissappear after only a couple of years or so, So quite an achivement really.

So thank you to those pilots who have supported us throughout those years and have continued to show interest.

Will there be an 8th anniversary ? well guess just have to wait and see..

About Channel Express Virtual

What is Channel Express Virtual ?
We are a group of likeminded people who share a common interest.
It is a hobby that involves flight simulation using either FS2004 or FSX, some of us are flyers, some do the duties of ATC while some are both.

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